Saving and helping needy people!


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Saving and helping needy people!

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Our NGO ‘Diwan Memorial Social welfare & rural development society’ helps the people who are needing our help. Those who get stuck in floods, we help them and save them as well as take care of them. our NGO activities include the social, environmental and human rights activities. Our tea also works for promoting social and political changes locally. NGO plays an essential part in developing the society, improvement in communications, and promoting the participation of people around. Our NGO raises fund for the needy people and that is why NGO is known as the non-profit and citizen basis group which works independently without government. We are a local, national as well as international levels for serving the social or political purpose. Our strengths NGO is usually used for the organizations that go with the wide aims socially which have some political aspects. It is legal organizations developed by people who operate independently from any of the government.

  • Our team reach out to the local communities and help them wherever they need us.
  • No political agenda in our NGO with the government aid.
  • We provide a continuous supply of food, help people who need it.
  • Our Eminent NGO are here for helping the poor people.
  • We do not go after the profit earned.
  • Our NGO provide the most critical voices of government agenda and offer also the wide range of knowledge.
Top reasons for choosing our services
  • You will feel good about our contribution. The main reasons for choosing our services is that we contribute a cause you care about.
  • Join helping hands-on experience
  • We provide growth and help girls to educate more.
  • Make an impact without services
  • We help many students and children to develop more skills.
  • Our NGO provides its helping hands whenever required with whatever issues and requirements.
  • We are ever ready for help and also available for you 24 * 7.
  • You can call for our help anytime. Our NGO is ready for every help beforehand.
Our vision Our vision is only one for developing the better India which offers the basic necessity like basic health, education, empowerment to every citizen. Our NGO shows happiness whenever our team does good things for people. Our team is always excited to help you out. Our mission Our NGO has an only main mission which is to educate students especially girl child, help corporates and government agencies for helping needy people all over India.
  • To provide the education to school too many people
  • Provide food and basic needs to the hungry people.
  • Conduct rural and tribal development programs
  • Empowering the youth of India
  • Arrange many more campaigns
  • Target on the poverty program
We have conducted many campaigns for people who need help. Our recent campaign going on is the 1000 dreams, 1000 girls. We are focused on the girls who wish to accomplish their goals but need the help of our NGO services. We are ready to help you anytime when you call us.

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  • Bank Swift Code: UTIB0000278
  • Account Number: 915010013864217
  • Branch Name: Dwarka Delhi
  • Branch Address: Shop No. G03, G04, G05, G06 - 1st Flr, Hl Arcade Sector 5 Mlu Plot No. 14, Dwarka
  • Account Name: MS. SMT. & SH. Diwan Memorial Social Welfare & Rural Development Society


Diwan Memorial Social Welfare & Rural Development is an NGO in India directly benefitting over 750,000 children and families.