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Smt & Shri Diwan Memorial social welfare & rural development society

Having spent the last four years working in the social care field, I, Rajesh shokeen have come to realize that my passion lies in helping people who are less advantaged. The one thing I have always known that I’d like to do with my life is to help people so, in june 2006, I started an NGO, Smt & Shri Diwan Memorial social welfare & rural development society , catering to the nutrition, health and educational needs of underprivileged children in Sirsa, Haryana. My aim is to ensure provision of proper health delivery services and propagate awareness among the underprivileged regarding children’s needs.

In the year 2006, with the support and help of my family and friends, I started my NGO to fulfill my dream of seeing every poor child healthy and educated. When I started working in the slum areas I realized that there are so many children deprived of basic education and literacy and that they need education to gain respect, dignity and acceptance from the society. So I commenced with my work for realizing my dreams by getting the education of underprivileged children sponsored on a regular basis in Study Hall Education Foundation Shri Diwan Memorial Public School.

We aim to educate more and more children by equipping them with school background and enhance their intellectual awareness by learning, critical thinking and communication. This will help the children to thrive in life, personally and professionally. We will do this by providing a complementary curriculum within the aforesaid schools. From this learned environment, children will learn holistically.


1. In the 21st century, uneducated people does not have any important role to thrive in the society. Hence, to impact technical skills, interpersonal and intra-personal skills and achieve excellence in professional and personal life educating children is a must.

2. The kids are not equipped to understand and handle/ stop disrespectful/ abusive /violent behavior. This stops them from dealing with the situation and the aftermath of it. Therefore, equipping them with this knowledge and introducing them to self reliance through education can be helpful for children.

3. There are innumerable benefits of getting children educated such as improving their quality of life and the people around them, enhancing their skills for the betterment of the society, and thereby growth of the nation as a whole.


We aim to solve the problem by providing the students with good education by getting them admitted in exemplary schools. The curriculum will be rooted in deepening children's understanding of self and addressing the problems faced by their communities. This will also build greater sense of responsibility ensuring that the students do their bit towards giving back to their society while learning life skills.


• In year 1, we impacted apporx 10 lives by getting them education in Shri Diwan Memorial Public School.

• In year 2, we increased that number to 20.

• In the 3rd year, we admitted 30 children and worked for their welfare as well.

• This year was the 4th year of our NGO and we raised the number of enrolled students to 50.

• Now, we are planning of getting education for 220 more children with your help and support.


Contribute to help children lead a better quality life. Contribute to build a better India.

Let’s do this together for the better future of these children.


Total fees for 220 students annually- 2,20,0000/-

Total fees for 220 students monthly- 19,8000/-

Total fees for 1 student annually- 10,000/-

Total fees for 1 student monthly- 900/-

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Diwan Memorial Social Welfare & Rural Development is an NGO in India directly benefitting over 750,000 children and families.